SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics combines all analytical capabilities – including planning, predictive analytics, and business intelligence (BI) in a single solution.

Empower your business with cloud-based, self-service analytics, enabling real-time decisions with SAP Analytics Cloud for automated machine learning, planning, and augmented analytics. Turn insights into actions through automation of predictive analytics in a single platform with a focus on data integrity and compliance with industry regulations.

SAP Analytics Cloud delivers predictive analytics, Rapid proliferation of technology and the industry shift towards customer engagement and personalization has generated vast amounts of data. Many of the high performing organisations are using this data to make timely decisions and be proactive through predictive analytics using SAP Analytics Cloud.

Key Benefits of SAP Analytics Cloud

Centralized Information

Monitor key indicators in realtime via dashboards.

Automatic Intelligence

Find the key levers of the business through machine learning technology and make the most appropriate decisions.

Integrated Planning Tools

Optimize workflows with a single software solution for business planning and intelligence.


Detailed analysis and simulations for a total vision of the business.

Tek Hqs Team can help your business become more intelligent through insight by helping you to have the right solutions, focus your efforts in the right places and develop and maintain the right skills.

Enhance your data analytics
with SAP BI

Machine Learning Activation

Turn your business users into citizen data scientists by activating machine learning capabilities and turning insights into actions.

Augmented Analytics and Business Intelligence

Give business users the tools to employ real-time, high-performance analytics in the cloud to accelerate critical business decisions.

Analytics Strategy and Roadmap

Becoming an analytics-driven company requires organisational alignment, mapping and tracking the use of analytics and infusing a process of continuous improvement.