SAP support services

Entrust the maintenance of your systems to a proven partner

Bugs, crashes, updates, migrations, development… The SAP environment is a living organism, so in addition to standard implementation services, we also support you in other areas. Service, the creation of individual solutions, and consultation in the areas of IT technology and architecture – learn more about our specialities and obtain constant access to the top experts.


An SLA (Service Level Agreement) that specifies, among other things, the time of responding to notifications guides the performance of maintenance services. The purpose is to ensure the continuity of your business processes.


By outsourcing, you can lower your costs, because you do not have to maintain your own team responsible for service or software development. This will allow your IT department to focus on other tasks.



You have at your disposal experts with over 20 years of experience in IT consulting and SAP system support. Our employees have completed projects for leading companies in Poland and abroad.

SAP application service

Even a well-implemented SAP system requires maintenance later on. A dedicated team of consultants will ensure continuity of operation of the application, quick response to problems, and support of business processes by recommending new solutions.

Selected services that our experts provide:

TekHqs can create the Application support service that is
just right for your business.

BASIS technical service

The degree of technical support also affects how well SAP systems work. Your SAP environment can be made more productive and secure by having our administrators handle operations like upgrades, migrations, and data backups.

Selected services that our experts provide:

Helping you to create a team and community of experts
dedicated to creating solution focused support services.

Building dedicated solutions

Standard SAP systems are not enough for you? We understand this, so we also create custom solutions based on the ABAP programming language. Our experts, in addition to their extensive programming knowledge, also draw on the experience of SAP implementation consultants. As a result, the applications created significantly enhance business operations.

Our selected competencies:

We can help with SAP CPI, a solution for integrating local systems with cloud-based systems

Consulting in the areas of IT technology and architecture

Proper selection of IT technology and architecture is one of the foundations of building a modern company. Your company will become more competitive as a result of our consultants’ assistance in developing the best growth strategy and optimising your ERP environment.

Our selected competencies: